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How To Use Twitter For Business

How to Use Twitter for Business

Lately a lot of clients come to me needing help with Facebook and Twitter. They understand Facebook to a point, but I constantly hear the same refrain when it comes to Twitter: “what is the point?!” While this post doesn’t really explain the point, it does highlight 10 ways to interact with current or potential clients on Twitter.

Twitter1. Talk about what you’re working on.

Update the status of current projects, breakthroughs, ideas, problems, etc. You’re probably working on something interesting – we want to know about it!

2. Link to useful sites/articles.

Insider information, trade secrets, alternative news, conferences or links to anything hilarious are all relevant and appreciated.

3. Add people with similar interests.

Having something in common with your followers means they’re interesting to you too! They’ll likely share things you haven’t heard about and vice versa. You retweet them, they retweet you!

4. Ask for feedback.

Design ideas, new services, surveys, experiences, you name it. You need to know what the customer wants and expects of you. Find out directly from the source.

5. Announce events.

Conferences, meet-ups, sales, new product releases and other crowd pleasers.

6. Be a “citizen journalist.”

Report things you see and find interesting. Funny signs, neat buildings, Kevin Spacey at the airport… Doesn’t really have to be relevant to your business, just shows that you have a personality and exist off of the computer.

7. Offer discounts for following you.

Follow us on Twitter & get a free ice cream cone! (Or something relevant to your business, perhaps.)

8. Suggest tips.

Things like: “Back up your hard drive!” or “Rain on the way, are your windows rolled up?” Be a hero.

9. Post photos.

Pix or it didn’t happen!

10. Have a personality!

I can get technical and straight-laced information out of a manual, but I hate manuals so I don’t read them. Likewise with boring tweets!

Good luck! And follow me on twitter.


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