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Palm Springs – Palm Canyon Hike

Palm Springs – Palm Canyon Hike

Second rule of travel (behind sampling local fruit): take a hike! Palm Springs has a surprising number of options for hiking, but we settled on the Palm Canyon hike in the Indian Canyons Reserve. ($9/each to get in, but worth it… Thanks for sharing your land!)

When we arrived we were greeted by a solar halo – a really cool weather event that wraps a rainbow around the sun! After reveling in that for a minute, we followed the trail through a strange and sudden canyon of palm trees in the middle of the desert, and then on a loop that leads past scenic overlooks, cacti & endless switchbacks before reaching the Trading Post again. The trail is pretty stellar, and could be even better provided you bring a lot of water (we didn’t) and don’t go at noon (we did). Check out my pix!

Solar Halo, Palm Springs

Palm Canyon Hike, Palm Springs

Palm Canyon Hike, Palm Springs

Kelly Lane, Palm Springs, CA

Palm Canyon, Palm Springs

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