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Things I’ve Been Doing Lately

Things I’ve Been Doing Lately


Last month I went on a run to the beach & back and haven’t stopped since! I’ve already whittled away 6 of the 10 lbs I’m trying to lose and feel happier and stronger. Also: feistier. Thanks to the incessant gloom of late I haven’t been motivated to get up and run in the morning but I made a deal with myself that if I leave work by 4pm, I have to drive straight home and run to the beach. This is a crazy good deal because 1) I like leaving work at 4pm, 2) I get to be outside in the sunshine, 3) it energizes me for the rest of the night.

Here you can keep tabs on me with my RunKeeper activity log.

Projects &

I like to start Saturdays with a new project that I will never finish. Today’s idea: a Santa Ynez website! But no, Mik talked me out of it with hopes that I might actually finish SBMerge or GoGoleta & finally start promoting them. As if designed just for me, this morning I stumbled across this neat Seinfeld calendar lifehack where you X off a box every day after completing your stated mission. Rudimentary, but I live for things like this! So starting today, I’m spending 30 minutes a day on SBMerge or GoGoleta and hopefully by year’s end my calendar will be full of red X’s and those websites will be live and thriving.


Not good at it, but I like doing it.

Web Design

I love my work so much that I just keep doing it outside of work! Freelance projects are piling up and funding a late fall vacation to an undisclosed location. [Because we haven’t decided yet.] New projects are challenging me to learn PHP, and teaching myself all of this is confusing and tedious! But the struggle always seems justified when it eventually/miraculously works.

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