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Tulum Highlights

Tulum Highlights

Our annual spring trip off the mainland led us to Tulum, Mexico this year. We were looking for crystal clear water for snorkeling, a little history to whet our curious minds and … tequila. Copious amounts of tequila.

I love all of the ups & downs of travel (usually after the fact), but I felt cursed most of this trip. Day one: we had to switch hotels because ours was next to a generator so loud that it sounded like there was a train in our room. Day two: I sprained my ankle. This was problematic because we didn’t have a car and our main mode of transport was supposed to be walking & biking. We ended up spending a lot of money on cabs instead! Day three: the very expensive steak dinner I ordered at Casa Banana must have been cooked with fish, which I’m very allergic to… I had to be rushed back to the hotel for medicine and abandoned over $100 worth of food. Day four: Mik had nonstop seasickness from a snorkeling tour that ended up lasting a couple days. Day five: widespread, terrible, all-consuming heat rash. Day six: flat tire on the bicycle. Day seven: Mik fell into a cenote with his phone and fried it. Days eight: my underwater camera broke. WHY, TULUM, WHY??

So that was awesome! Somehow between all that we still had a great time exploring, taking photos, drinking coconut juice, swimming, riding bikes, searching for the best teas and margaritas. The very first night we arrived there was an incredible fusion band that put all of the live music I’ve heard lately to shame and melted the soul-delay right out of my system. The next morning we found a beautiful breakfast spot right on the beach that seemed otherworldly. We went to the ruins twice and got some of my most favorite photos ever!

I’m cheating with this Flickr Set this time to save myself from posting 133 photos all over again!


Video from snorkeling in Tulum:

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