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Top 5 Android Photo Apps

Top 5 Android Photo Apps

I own both a Canon 5D and a Nikon AW100 (underwater sturdy cam), but find that the camera most often in my hands is my phone! The following 5 Android Apps are what I use on a daily basis to capture little glimpses of everyday life.

Camera360 – By far my favorite app, I’ve been overusing Light HDR, Lomo & Enhance effects for over a year now.


ActionSnap – Perfect for pets! I’m still waiting for the right moment to use this one…

little scruffy one, by laura mary on flickr

Vignette – Fun for diptychs and other arrangements, lots of filters but sometimes the options are overwhelming.


Retro Cam –  Old school style & square format.

Retro Cam

MagicHour – Lots of effects and formats, but the quality isn’t that great.



Also noteworthy: Roidizer, mytubo, LittlePhoto, Photobooth.

Leave a comment about any other apps you know and like!

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