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365 Entrepreneur: New Daily Project

365 Entrepreneur: New Daily Project

365 Days to Become An Entrepreneur!

Next year I’m turning 30! Was ist das?! So I’ve decided that for the 365 days I will be dedicating every day toward my entrepreneur/solopreneur/no-more-working-stiff life and will hold myself accountable on this here blog to show something pretty I’ve made, new things I’ve encountered, extra work I’ve put in, means to ends, yadda yadda yadda. The end date doesn’t exactly coincide with turning 30, but better early than late.

Today’s Hustle:

Post-day-job meeting #1: new global expansion consultancy website.
Post-day-job meeting #2: trade show exhibit booth website.

Inspiring Web Links Multilingual Plugin
(Great for backend control of site translation.)

http://nextdraft.comThe Day’s Most Fascinating News
(If you like technology, ideas and culture, subscribe to the mind of Dave Pell.)

The (Secret) City of LondonPart 1: History
(The City of London is not the city named London.)


Typed listening to: Enter the Machine – PANTyRAiD

Stay tuned, only another year of this….

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