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Still Committed

Still Committed

Day 2: Still Committed

Kind of obvious but backwards realization: if I’m writing here, I’m not working elsewhere. This morning I managed 10 more listings in the restaurants directory on because it takes foreeevvvveerrrrr. And one three-day event. I need an intern! (Or more time to do it myself…)

Tonight I started the layout for another walking tour around the Santa Barbara Mission & Riviera. What seems completely impossible is that I don’t have a picture of the frog shrine?? I KNOW I DO! WHERE IS IT!

Anyway, as soon as all of the restaurants are updated on SBMerge I’d like to establish a weekly routine for blog posts, updating the event calendar, adding walking tours, local travel, web design, web maintenance, food/wine — that’s 7. Now clever names for each or it will never last!

Link Love

People Here Drink A Lot – The Morning News
(TMN editor randomly calls people in towns around America to find out what’s really going on.)

Your Sixth Sense – Psychology Today
(Anomalous experiences are real and life-changing. That doesn’t mean they occur outside your own head.)

I think I’m gonna like it here…

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