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Overnight In Santa Barbara Wine Country

Overnight in Santa Barbara Wine Country

What we thought was going to be a standard day-trip to go wine tasting in Los Olivos ended up including a last minute overnight booking at the Hamlet Inn… We were already members at Evan’s Ranch and Byron, but nestled directly between the two is Presqu’ile Winery. We decided to give them a go based on the recommendation from Andrea over at Byron Winery.

And they blew my socks right off from the start! The tasting list started off with a Sauvignon Blanc, which I usually find to be a little too grassy or tropical fruit flavored for my tastes, but Presqu’ile’s Sauvignon Blanc has a delicate, crisp bell pepper flavor that takes over and keeps you coming back for more. Their chardonnay was oaked to perfection, the rose is literally amazing, the pinot noirs seem like they could age a little longer but still drink like some of the best wine in the region.

As soon as I found out their wine maker is South African I was doubly sold and we became members on the spot! Their tasting list was so overly generous that we didn’t feel like driving home, so I used that as our opportunity to finally stay at the Hamlet Inn, since I’ve been wanting to go there for-ev-er! It was cute, we’ll definitely go back!

Byron Winery, Los Olivos, CA

Evan's Ranch Winery, Los Olivos, CA

Evan's Ranch Winery, Los Olivos, CA

Presqu'ile Winery, Los Olivos, CA

Hamlet Inn, Solvang, CA

Hamlet Inn, Solvang, CA

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