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Daytrip To Santa Cruz Island – Scorpion Landing

Daytrip to Santa Cruz Island – Scorpion Landing

So, I’ve been living in Santa Barbara for more than 10 years and every year I write a list of things I want to do that year and every year I write “go to the Islands…” This year I finally decided I wouldn’t write it down, but just go directly to and buy the damn tickets. So it was set! And then naturally the day before our departure was the windiest day on record and the boat didn’t even leave the harbor! Which made seasick Mik a little apprehensive about our trip the next day, but we were still set on doing it. It was go time!

And then… it was so easy! We just drove down to Ventura Harbor, hopped on the boat and set sail for Scorpion Landing. Our primary objective was to hike out to see Potato Harbor, so we just took off immediately in that direction. The map made it seem like it would take a while to get there but it was actually really short and then we had a lot of time to hang out and take photos and drink a bottle of rosé overlooking the ocean. My kind of Sunday!

On the way back, already high on the island adventure, we were greeted by a pod of whales that took the experience to a whole new level! I’ve never seen a whale up close, so that was a real treat. The captain went way out of his way to find and follow the whales too, so thanks Island Packers for that!

Anywah, a two-for-one island & whale watching day in Santa Barbara? I definitely won’t wait another 10 years to do it again!















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