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Hiking to Trolltunga in Norway

After deciding that 2017 was going to be the “Year of Hikes and Handstands” I figured I better find an epic handstand spot to work toward as part of the goal of getting back into handstands… One day scrolling thru Instagram I saw Trolltunga and realized that was the perfect spot! And then found out that it was a 17 mile round-trip hike to get there. 😅

We got up bright and early and started the hike around 4:30am and ended up taking about 12 hours to complete it, with plenty of stops for photos, food & water. All of the literature I read in preparation for the hike said that it was an insane incline start but instead it was an insane endless row of switchbacks that ended up adding on a few miles. As if it wasn’t grueling enough!

Surprisingly there were people out there doing the hike in dress shoes and shorts and no packs for food or water. Who does that?!

We only had to wait about 5-10 minutes each in line to get our photo op, but once we had some food and took a break the line was considerably longer. Get going early!

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