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Wandering The Ancient Souks Of Cairo

Wandering the Ancient Souks of Cairo

An afternoon walking around Khan el-Khalili, a souk in the Islamic district of Cairo. The bazaar had colorful spices, hookahs and faces every which way you looked. My favorite was the men carrying bread on their heads, sometimes on bikes! I stopped at two separate cafes for tea and wished I could spend an entire week longer!

Cairo Apartment Buildings

Cairo Driving, Egypt

Cairo Selfie, Egypt

Cairo Market, Egypt

Cairo Market, Egypt

Cairo Market, Egypt

Guy Biking with Bread, Cairo, Egypt

Guy Walking with Bread, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Hands, Egypt

Cairo Souk, Egypt

Cairo Cafe, Kelly Lane

Cairo Mint Tea

Cairo Cafe Hookah

Cairo Cafe Alley

Cairo Taxis, Egypt

Cairo Tea, Egypt

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