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Afternoon At The Hanging Bridges

Afternoon at the Hanging Bridges

We arranged for a tour over to the Hanging Bridges in the afternoon & two other couples from our hotel went along with us… we had all been at the pool together all morning so we were fast friends!

We all piled into a big van and drove the 20 minutes or so out to the bridges while our guide, who was a local dude from La Fortuna, told us about the different lava trails visible on the volcano. Most times I feel that having a guide is too touristy and cheapens the experience, but he pointed out a lot of things I probably would have overlooked and told interesting stories about different plants and animals along the way, so it wasn’t terrible.

Arenal Hanging Bridges

Arenal Hanging Bridges

Arenal Hanging Bridges

The trail wends through an old growth rainforest crossing 15 suspension bridges and a slew of other regular bridges… Walking out into the middle of the suspension bridges give you a pretty good idea of just how awesome and expansive the rainforest actually is!

We took about 2 hours to hike 2 miles, so it was a manageable pace. There’s one optional side trail that leads down to a waterfall, and luckily all of the people in the group wanted to detour over to see it. I’ve been collecting waterfalls around the world, so I was happy to add the Costa Rica Hanging Bridges waterfall to the books!

Arenal Hanging Bridges Waterfall

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