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30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

1. Spend a month in another country

Probably somewhere easy like Paris or London, but longingly more Cape Town / Italy… Everything I do is mobile so I don’t need to be trapped in this place. Bye.

Update: I spent a month in South Africa – May 2013!

2. Sell one of my websites

The proof is in the prototype! I’ll just keep making them until somebody finds something useful. Soon? Call me.

Update: I sold to the Goleta Chamber of Commerce!

3. Run a half-marathon

Pier to Peak was my first and only half-marathon and was a crazy feat, but that was 6 years ago and at a 13 min/mile pace. Something a little less steep and a lot faster sounds doable.

Update: didn’t happen.

4. Make a business plan

For which idea?! Join NAWBO or WEV to help turn ventures into full-fledged businesses.

Update: working on the businesses more than the exact plans right now.

5. Cook a three course dinner

Putting this off for 30 years has gone on long enough.

Update: Bobotie, salad and corn count right?

6. Start & finish another 365 photo project

Self-portraits, photo-a-day, Santa Barbara specific, what have you – the camera cannot be neglected.

Update: I probably did a photo a day, but haven’t organized them into any specific set yet. Standby.

7. Update my wardrobe

I’ve always maintained that I am who I am regardless of my clothes, but these duds just don’t match anything that I represent right now.

Update: still in need of constant update. 

8. Utilize

There are so many stunning places to stay – even if it’s just overnight in LA – and a change of scenery is always welcome.

Update: haven’t used airbnb but have been staying at regular B&Bs instead of using

9. Create 75% more freelance income

Roughly at 15% right now, which is a nice bonus on top of my full-time job, but not near enough to light out on my own.

Update: up to 50%! Getting closer.

10. Be healthier

Drink less, move more, wear sunscreen, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Consider revisiting daytum for water v. wine intake.

Update: I actually LIKE water now and wear sunscreen to outdoor events. True adult in the making…

11. Write a poem

This should be easy as I love finding ridiculous things that rhyme.

12. Host a tea party

Finger sandwiches, tea & macarons in a field for nothing more than the photo op.

13. Spend a weekend boating/camping

All of the specifics are in place, just need to coordinate the date.

14. Be in two places at once

I’m not even sure what this means, but that’s the point. Serendipitous non-planning!

Update: this was a stupid idea, I did it and hated it!

15. Go to the Post Office

Send my nephews & niece random packages throughout the year to let them know that I’m thinking of them.

16. Make a movie

My new Nikon seems pretty worthless except for its HD video feature – use it! (Don’t expect a feature film to come of this.)

Update: my Nikon broke and I was without a video camera for most of the year. I just updated to the Canon 70D though and it has a fantastic video camera!

17. Go to a concert

I haven’t heard live music in 2+ years! Somewhere like that Napa venue would be ideal, but a year is not that long. Get real.

Update: serendipitously went to the Cheap Trick & Bonnie Raitt concert at the bowl.

18. Sell my mountain bike & get a commuter

Trading the ol Trek in for something fantastically Euro and stylish.

Update: Sold mountain bike, have yet to replace it.

19. Ride my bike to work

Have bike, will ride! Driving two miles to work and back every day is lazy and eco-destroying! We’re allegedly getting new space downstairs for our bikes so that makes it all the more convenient!

Update: See previous.

20. Finally use Genesis/Thesis

Buying and installing pre-made templates is crazy easy, but knowing how to do it on platforms other than SiteNinja is a skill I should have in my arsenal.

21. Figure out WordPress Hooks

Goes with #20, but on a whole new level.

22. Sleep better

My old ways of sleeping 10-6 have turned into hour-long stretches interrupted by 3 hours of Googling… Better sleep = more focus over less time. I like that strategy.

Update: sleeping worse. Need to remedy this quicksnap.

23. Quit drinking for a month

We have such wonderful and varied wine options here that I can try a new variety every night! So I do. Time to take a break.

Update: I didn’t drink for four whole days! Not quite a month.

24. Go to the islands

Seriously. This has been on every list I’ve ever made and I’ve still never been to the islands in the 9 years I’ve lived in Santa Barbara. Pathetic!

25. Have a beach bonfire

I already have the wood and starter log! Celebrate!

26. Try and review 10 new teas on Steepster

Trader Joe’s Earl Grey tea is the best tea I’ve found, which just doesn’t seem right. They’ve got the tea to bergamot ratio down! Seems like there must be more to life than that. I could also use to hone my review writing skills.

27. Southwest roadtrip: UT, CO, NM, AZ

Free & amazing places to stay in all states, take advantage.

28. Make something

This needs to be defined/refined, but make something I will.

29. Save more money

Something I’m generally good at until I spend it all on another vacation.


Plans change, life happens, I’ll figure this one out along the way.


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