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Tokara – Stellenbosch Wine Tasting

Tokara – Stellenbosch Wine Tasting

On what was supposed to be our last day in Cape Town – (our flight was scheduled for 11pm that night but was later canceled! yessss) – we decided to drown our have-to-leave sorrows with wonderful wines from the Stellenbosch wine region.  We checked out of our Kommetjie house and drove immediately to Tokara in the Helshoogte Valley. First impression: HELL YEAH.

The grounds are stunning with a combination of ancient and modern art tucked into unexpected places. The hillsides are covered with stair-stepping vineyards & sweeping views across the valley. The restaurant / tasting room are tastefully appointed to lend attention to the surrounds instead of the space itself and … the scene was set for an incredible lunch!

So gorgeous, check it out!

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